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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Comba's Art - Posted by Theo

This was posted by Theo on the school blog...I figured readers might be interested :)  

Yesterday We went to an art exhibition is Combas. At
 muesem all of the paintings Were Divided Into Combas rooms.
 For example music or war. In the music room of paintings There Were
the rolling stones, jazz bands, orchestras and more. The coolest hand of
 music room was a goal wall.Exiting I know it wasn `t the wall That Was Cool
It Was What Was on the wall. And That Was at least 500 record sleeves of
Combas favorite musicians of all (thats only a fraction of historical collection).
 Why Comba liked music so much, Because He Was in a band. The
name of There Was Without Sideburns wierd name I know. Now onto the
war room. The war room was full of everything from sculptures of people
kicking people in the crotch to murals of the civil war. Personsally my
Was a favorite wall of the trojan war. The Trojan War Between the WAS
Romans and the Greeks, the war in the novels HAVING Were Some disorder
Getting Into the town. So They built a giant wooden horse and put about
30 men in it and Placed it at the gates of greece. That night the men snuck out of the
Opened the horse and the gates for the rest of Roman army. Then THEY burnted down
Slaughtered town and everyone in it. Thank you for reading and good night america
(And France).

By: Theo

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