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Saturday, June 16, 2012


Today, at 10:30am to 4:45pm, I was walking around Lyon with Andréa!  We went to the largest mall in Europe (Part Dieu), Hagaan Dazs (I got lemon and raspberry sorbet), Tete d'Or Parc (We played volleyball with her cousins and had a picnic of McDonald's), went to Bellcour (It has a lot of shops and water fountains) and then from 4:45pm to 7:00pm I went shopping (with Lucie and Marion and Nadia) in Vieux-Lyon (Old Lyon) and got souvenirs at a lot of shops!  At 7:00pm to 9:00pm, I'm eating McDonald's with Lucie and Marion and we went rollerskating and we are going to Lucie's soon!  Yesterday I started a photo album!!  Okay I must go!  Kisses!!!!!!!


  1. Awesome!! So glad u got to see Andrea & sounds like you're having a blast!! Keep it up & experience as much as possible! Kisses! Aunt Melissa